No-sew PJ Masks masks

No-sew PJ Masks masks. DIY quick and easy Halloween masks. DIY PJ Masks costume, toddler costumesI have wanted my kids to be those cute PJ Masks for Halloween all month. I can’t stop thinking about it. We recently found this show on Netflix and my kids love it and I love it. Nicest superheros ever.

It took me a while to get one of my girls to consent to be Owlette. But this morning one of them did and I went right to work making their masks. Let’s talk supplies:

IMG_4042You will need two colors of felt for each mask- one dark and one light. I got the acrylic felt squares from my local fabric store. They were 40 cents each and you can almost always find them at any craft or fabric store. I used light pink for Owlette’s light color it almost looks white in the picture, but it’s pink I promise. You will also need:

  • scissors
  • paper and pencil
  • measuring tape
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • elastic, I used 1/4″ braided elastic but any elastic will do.

IMG_4045Measure the distance between your child’s eyes. I just did one and figured they’d all be about the same which they were (about 2″ from center to center). Fold a paper in half (hamburger) and draw a dot one inch from the fold. That dot is the center of the eye hole. Draw the eye hole around the dot and the rest of the mask shape and cut it out. Be sure to hold it up to your child’s face afterward and make any adjustments needed.

IMG_4046Pin onto the felt (I folded the felt in half as well, because less cutting) and cut out your pattern. IMG_4047Cut a semi-circle this will go behind the “v” at the top. Perfection is not important here.IMG_4049Cut two light pink strips. I used the top of the pattern as a guide. And glue the semi circle to the back and the light pink to the front. I followed this with some black sharpie eyeliner around the eye holes and voila – Owlette.

Tip:  Place all the felt pieces before you start to glue. Then when you do glue pick up ends and glue in sections. Felt has a tendency to slide around a bit and once the hot glue is on it sticks and drys fast.

IMG_4050For Catboy, start by marking again a dot 1″ from the fold or however your child’s eyes measure. Draw the eye and the rest of the mask. Cut out.

IMG_4051Cut around the felt using your pattern.

IMG_4075Using the light-blue felt, cut out the stripes and eyebrows and hot glue into place.

Tip: Don’t try to cut those eyebrows on a curve. Cut thin straight pieces and just mold them where you want when you glue.

IMG_4074Gekko’s mask used the same pattern as Catboy’s minus the ears. Snip, Snip. IMG_4076Cut a little mitten shaped piece out of the light green and two straight pieces for eyebrows and glue on.  DIY no-sew PJ Masks masks. Quick and Easy toddler costume. Halloween masks.

Attach the elastic with hot glue, my elastic measured about 10″, and you’re done.

Comment and let me know how yours turned out!


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