IMG_3057LONGHey, I’m Brittany, and you’re on my about page where I should say something super interesting about myself or brag about all my skills without sounding braggy. Instead, you get this:

-When I was a tween/teenager, I remember my friends and I dressing up, blasting my Mariah Carey cassette tape, and doing “model walks” down the driveway. And look! (picture above) still don’t have the hang of this model thing.

-I have four children aged 7, 6, 4, and 1. You will probably see them on my blog from time to time. They are cute, like freaking cute- says their mom.

-Traveling is what my dreams are made of. Thankfully I married a man who shares my affinity for traveling. I want to visit every country at some point in my life. So far I’ve been to Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Germany, Spain, and Italy. So like not even close to my goal, but also so happy about it.

-Speaking of the husband, we’ve been married for eleven years and counting. I got mad at him once on vacation when we couldn’t find a campsite and had to sleep in the back of my Acura Integra. It was not comfortable and I was hungry. But it’s pretty much been smooth sailing ever since. We mostly agree on baby names so I mean, I lucked out.

-If I could hire help to do anything it would be cooking or folding laundry. So you should know I don’t always cook and I don’t always fold my laundry. The end.

-I work out sometimes. . .

-So I can eat. Cookies. Candy. Donuts. In that order. And yes, I realize that’s not how it works but shh.

-I earned a BA in English with an emphasis on professional writing. I like to edit, but without fail I find a million mistakes in my own work like a week later, so judge on and then comment and tell me to fix it. I will love you forever.

Is there anything else you want to know about me? Comment below and I’ll answer!