The first pair.

soft soled mary jane pattern. Britt Stitch. DIY baby shoes. Christening shoes DIY.Hallelujah, I finally got the mary jane shoe pattern out for testing this week. I feel like I kept hitting walls whether that looked like wrestling with the computer program or a kid spewing puke in my face (yes that happened). It’s been a crazy month and I’ve sewn what feels like hundreds of shoes checking and double checking that it’s right. I guess we will see how the testing period goes. Fingers crossed.

In honor of my new pattern, I had to pull out the first pair of shoes I ever made. Oh my goodness these are such a treasure to me. They are AWFUL. Like terrible and they make me smile every time I see them. Let’s throw this back to 2012, I was 24 and the proudest new mom.

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Mini-dot pixie bonnet FREE pattern and knit along

mini dot pixie bonnet, free pattern and tutorial, newborn bonnet, knit bonnet, free bonnet pattern, knit bobbles, love knitting, knittingThanks for tuning in to my first knit along! I hope you are as obsessed with the knit bonnet trend as I am. Now if only I had a baby to go along with it. I borrowed a friend’s baby. Isn’t she the cutest?

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No-sew PJ Masks masks

No-sew PJ Masks masks. DIY quick and easy Halloween masks. DIY PJ Masks costume, toddler costumesI have wanted my kids to be those cute PJ Masks for Halloween all month. I can’t stop thinking about it. We recently found this show on Netflix and my kids love it and I love it. Nicest superheros ever.

It took me a while to get one of my girls to consent to be Owlette. But this morning one of them did and I went right to work making their masks. Let’s talk supplies: Continue reading “No-sew PJ Masks masks”

One hour men’s button-up to peplum

One hour men's button-up to peplum. Easy!

Or maybe a little more than one hour depending on how many children you have begging for your attention… moving on.

First off, thank you for being here! This blog venture has been in the works for so long and it’s amazing to see it launching out into the grand www. I have so much in reserve and I can’t wait to share.

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