Beginner Tips for Garment Embroidery from a Beginner.


img_5226img_5227img_5228img_5230img_5234img_5233This is literally the first thing I’ve ever embroidered in my life, but will not be my last. In my perfect world I’m sitting on a beach doing needlework all day. Weird right? I know. I KNOW. Ok kidding, my perfect world probably just consists of mountains of chocolate chip cookies. Can I get an amen?

I learned a few things in this process.

  1. digitize your pattern. I drew out my pattern on a piece of paper and then kind of free-handed it onto the fabric. That is not the best way to do this. DUH Brittany. Scan your drawing, in my case I also needed to invert it so I then had a mirror image for the other side. Print it and then trace it on I’m going to try an embroidery transfer pen next time. It will transfer right onto the fabric and not be seen later. It will be perfect! Next time, next time.
  2. fortify your fabric. Embroidery makes a dent in the fabric especially thinner woven fabric like the linen I’m using here. Think lots of holes. I used an iron-on interfacing on the back of my fabric before I sewed it all together and I did not regret it.
  3. Use two or three strands of thread instead of all six. This made it look so much cleaner! I used two and I thought it was just right. More made it look too bulky. Keep it in mind as it will just depend on what you’re embroidering and the look you’re going for. Experiment!

Talking about how I made these dresses HERE.




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